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The novel opens with a passage by Czeslaw Milosz. What does it mean? Why did Mandel choose it to introduce Station Eleven?

Does the novel have a main character? Who would you consider it to be?

How do Shakespearean motifs coincide with those of Station Eleven, both the novel and the comic?

What is the metaphor of the Station Eleven comic books? How does the Undersea connect to the events of the novel?

“Survival is insufficient,” a line from Star Trek: Voyager, is the Traveling Symphony's motto. What does it mean to them? Does it hold true for you? What role does art play in society?

The prophet discusses death: “There's the death of the body, and there's the death of the soul. I saw my mother die twice.” Knowing who his mother was, what do you think he meant by that?

Are the arts truly important to our society? To our identity as human?

Discussion Questions

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